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Folding Sewing Craft System

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This cabinet allows you to store everything you might need for your next scrapbooking,
drawing, sewing, or gift wrapping session.

If you like scrapbooking, crafts, or any other type of artistic hobby, these hobbies usually
require an entire  room in your house to organize all your crafts, but in fact there
is no craft room in yourhouse,then it is  possible that you need one. folding crafting
stations! It's called Her Hobby Box and it's a spacious mobile workstation that can make
working on any project more interesting.
 By default, the Hobby Box looks like a dresser or closet, but once you start opening
it, the crafting station begins to take shape.  Each cabinet door leads to a two-panel
storage area,and a table rises from the middle to serve as your main work area. 
 The inside of the cabinet area is also
filled with more storage space.

The Ultimate Craft Station Cabinet is something any crafty person dreams of at night
and now you can really have this amazing storage space.

Visible   - Keep track of large and small materials with our Totes, Clear Jars, Hooks, Rods, and
Shelves. No more double purchases!

These   unique display cases   have a variety of different compartments in a variety of sizes
and shapes. It also has drawers, shelves, pockets and everything you can imagine.

Foldable - Close your UltimateCabinet at any time to make room for more activities, or keep
it open to display all your treasures.

This is a perfect place for someone who loves to create and organize things because it combines
both in one amazing storage cabinet.

Durable Exterior   - We use CARB (California Air Resource Board) approved wood with a
melamine finish to prevent warping in humid weather and to make sure our shelves fit perfectly.

On the outside, it looks like a simple cabinet, but when you open it you get plenty of
space and three styles to choose from: white, modern white, farmhouse gray.

Customizable   : Upgrade your UltimateCabinet with additional table space, LED
lighting, or accessories designed specifically for your crafts.

The best feature of this cabinet is that it uses every available space to fit as many things as possible.
 It even has built-in lights and a folding table.

What is in the box

  • (x1) Central box
  • (x1) Left box
  • (x1) Right box
  • (x2) Swing doors
  • (x12) Steel swivel wheels
  • (x21) Adjustable shelves
  • (x6) 13 "x13"
  • (x3) 13 "x6"
  • (x2) 13 "x35"
  • (x10) 3 "x13" (for swing doors)
  • (x12) Acrylic protectors
  • (x16) DreamBox Jars (16 oz.)
  • (x12) Dreambox Hooks
  • (x4) Dreambox rods
  • (x1) Security kit
  • 40 Tote Pack
  • (x78) InView Tote Tracks
  • (x40) All
  • (x18) Large totes
  • (x8) Shoe box totes
  • (x16) Shoe Box Bag Dividers
  • (x14) Notions All
  • (x42) Notions Bag Dividers
  • 80 Tote Package
  • (x126) InView Tote Tracks
  • (x80) All
  • (x34) Large totes
  • (x20) Shoe Box Totes
  • (x40) Shoe Box Bag Dividers
  • (x26) Notions All
  • (x78) Notions Bag Dividers

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