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Men's Sexual Health

Customer Reviews
  • Clinical strength treatments at home for the first time
  • Fixes poor blood flow, the leading cause of ED
  • Avoid the natural decline in performance with age
  • Safely eliminate plaque in penile blood vessels
  • Trigger angiogenesis, the growth of more blood vessels
  • 60 day risk-free home trial
Meet the only solution
that targets the source.
Blood flow.
Every man experiences a natural decline in blood flow as they age. The Phoenix is the only product on the market that fixes this problem, which is the root cause of most male sexual health concerns.

Solve existing problems.
Prevent future ones.

Clinical studies demonstrate Li-ESWT is proven to help a number of concerns men deal with.

The number one cause of erectile dysfunction? Reduced blood flow. The Phoenix is the only product that non-invasively fixes the problem.

8/10 men said they experienced a noticeable difference after using The Phoenix.*

*Based on our own internal feedback collection platform (Yotpo) of over 15,000 men.

Break free from a lifetime of medications

The Phoenix can be used alone, or with other treatment options like ED pills and injections with approval from your doctor.